New Research from the National Association of Realtors, found that sellers who opt to help potential buyers visualize themselves in their homes sell at higher prices than the competition.

Staging Services:

1. Walk through Design Consultation
We work with realtors and homeowners by providing a list of suggestions the homeowner can do to get their home ready for market. We spend time in your home detailing out furniture placement, accessory suggestions, wall colors selections, as well as any recommended home repairs and/or updates. We provide both the realtor and homeowner with our to-do list that can be followed by the homeowner. We charge $190 for this service.

2. Project Management
If you are unsure or don’t have the time and would prefer to have the expertise and experience of professionals, we can make the material selections for you. This includes new countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, or wall colors. With this option we will provide pricing estimates from trusted professionals/contractors for all work to be completed. We will schedule install and oversee the process for you. This is charged at a per project price based on your home needs.

3. Home Staging
Staging a room or a home can be more inviting to all potential buyers. We stage homes on a per room basis. As interior designers we know how to show your home at its best by providing  furnish quality, up-to-date furnishings and accessories that will help emphasize your homes best features and spaces. We will provide you with a per room monthly estimate. Which includes delivery, install and pik-up services when your home sells.