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Collaborating with the Dekton Collection

Cosentino's Dekton collection is a Carbon Neutral product for its entire life cycle. From the extraction of the raw material, to the use of the product and the end of its life. Cosentino's work on Dekton has resulted in a 7% reduction in it's Green House Gas emission. This means your home can now not only be greener but a healthier home overall.

The best part about Dekton is that it can be used in any part of your home. With every availability from bathroom flooring to kitchen countertops this product does it all. When used as your shower wall surface this one-piece material means no grout lines and a totally smooth wall, which makes cleaning a super simple process. This countertop creates a beautifully cut simple design that never fails to amaze. With such large cut slabs these floors have fewer grout lines which means more room for the natural design on its surface. Dekton is the future of solid surface materials.

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