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Easter Table 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It's time that we join with family, friends and neighbors to celebrate life. Unfortunately this year is uncharted territory but that doesn't mean it has to be any less of a celebration. Take this time with your family, dress up, take pictures, and enjoy what you have been given.

I decided that in the spirit of Easter I would take out and dust off my grandmothers china. If you don't own any china take out your best dishes. It's okay to get dressed up and dress up your table. I even purchases some pink tulips to tie the table together.

Personalize! Make Easter feel like normal by personalizing everyone place at the table. I chose to put a hand made chocolate at each spot but in past years we have done name tags that the children make. This is always a hit and makes each spot feel that much more special.

Have fun with it and use the extra time on your hands to makes this day extra special. Don't forget Easter is a celebration and this year is even more personal because you get to spend it with those you live with and really focus on your family! Comment your favorite Easter traditions and have a happy Easter!

From my home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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