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Planning. Patience. Progress!

If you read my last post you know we are currently building our dream home and could not be more excited about the process; but you also would have read that almost three months ago! Since then we packed up all of our belongings and sold our family home of 13 years. While this is an exciting time I have had to remind myself how important it is to plan ahead. While this has always been true now more than ever with extra restrictions and the craziness of 2020. So far patience and flexibility have been key for me. As an experienced designer I have been through the building process many times and had to explain the importance of these ideas to my clients. But let me tell you it is way different being on the other side of it.

So what is involved in planning? For me one of the most important parts of planning out my home was designing the layout. Having an experienced architect with a designers eye and an ability to envision helps you design a floor plan that works best for your family. It gives me an extra layer of security and confidence knowing that everything is thought through. After layouts are finalized important things like cabinets, flooring finishes, appliances, and window placements all need to be planned out since they affect the building process. This is also when your builder should be working on a timeline to ensure you are moved into your new home in time.

While planning can be stressful it is one of the most important parts of your building process. Have ease in knowing that you aren't alone this process is strenuous for everyone even when you have been in the world of construction for 20+ years. For us the starting and planning process took a little longer than expected with extended wait times on permits but we are finally up and running with the foundation poured, walls are going up and things are beginning to take shape!

From my home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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