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Thanksgiving Decor... Kitschy or Chic?

We are headed into that time of year. You know what I am talking about right? When we all get overwhelmed with family gatherings, Black Friday shopping, and oh wait do I put up the Christmas tree now or should I decorate for after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving decor can be a great way to bring some fall spirit into your home during the Holiday but it can tend to feel more kitschy than chic. So if your looking for a way to bring in some elegance into your home this November wether its for family or just your self here are some ideas for you!

01 | Tasteful Neutrals

Using neutral colored plates and pumpkins can add a touch of spirit to your room with out becoming overwhelming. You can even add a touch of green to bring in a little brightness. Try sticking with neutral plates and silverware to keep your table stylish and elegant.

Modern Glam by Ashely

02 | Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is all the rage right now using a little in your center piece or as subtle side decor can bring in those fall colors to your home. Place a vase of it next to your fireplace to tie some thanksgiving decor into your family room. Just remember a little goes a long way! Plus this matches great with gold or copper accent colors.

Skies of Parchment

03 | Customized Placemats

I don't know about you but its a tradition in our household to always say what we are grateful for on Thanksgiving. Typically we all write our gratitudes down and then read them aloud and guess whose is whose. A great way to implement this into your dinner table in a classy way is your placemats.

Wether you choose customizable ones or reusable with a touch of fall color this will add a personalized touch to your decor.

04 | Just a Touch

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to decorate your entire home for Thanksgiving just to take it down and decorate for Christmas. Even adding a few small decorations or just decorating your mantel can make all the difference. Add fall garland at the front door to show your neighbors your holiday spirit. Whatever you do make sure to make it your own and send in your photos to be featured on our page!

From my home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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