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We're Building

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

After 20 years working in Interior design I now am teaming up with GreenHalo to build my forever home! I am so excited for this opportunity and so I wanted to take you with me.

We landed on building a new home a few months ago. My two eldest are out of the house already and my youngest is not far behind. So after finding the perfect lot we knew it was time. Excited and familiar with the process I began playing with designs right away. I knew we wanted to cut cost as much as possible and a net zero home felt like a good way to do that so a GreenHalo home felt like the perfect fit.

I loved watching my original drawing come to life in the architectural drawings. Our next step will be coming up with the construction drawings and then sending them off for permits. More to come for now here is what the finished product of our new home will look like.

From my new home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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