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The Character of Texture

Texture is often used in interior design to give any room a certain flare. Even with texture becoming one of the more popular trends it is often over looked or forgotten about. It has the ability to give any space more dimension as well as create a more intriguing design. So what is texture and how or where should it be used?

Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance. Every object has its own but when you can bring together the right textures in a space then you can create a beautiful design that will bring the whole area together. However, with different textures also comes different feelings when they are used. For example when light is used on shiny and smooth surfaces there is a feeling of coolness. While light on raised objects is absorbed and creates a warmer feeling. But then the new question becomes where should I use texture?

Texture as stated before is in everything the furniture to the throw pillows you pick. When using wooden or heavier furniture you can create a more rustic feel to your room while glass or lighter fabrics can influence a more modern look. Rugs are another way to add some texture in your room it can create a cozier feel in your space or even make it follow the style you are looking for. If you want a different way to add some variety in your room try wall coverings. From wallpaper to painting your walls differently this can add a really fun touch to your space. But the easiest way to add some texture to your room is through accessories and decor. Add a different throw pillow or a new textured lamp to your room to add a little texture that can go a long way. Remember that what ever you do make your space one that you love.

From my home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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