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Your Houses Exterior in 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Giving your homes exterior a fresh paint job can be just what it needs. Not only does painting your home create a clean sleek feel but also can give it a revamp you have been looking for. In 2020 lots of new exterior paint colors are coming in style and as a couple projects I have been working on come to a close the final step has been picking out the perfect exterior color. The process can be overwhelming to say the least you want to blend into your neighborhood but you also want to stand out, and you want to pick a color that will last while, while also picking one you love. So I have put together a list of colors that you and your whole family can enjoy for as long as you call your house home!

1. Web Gray 7075 / Sherwin Williams

This shade of gray by Sherwin Williams is perfectly timeless. It's one that will easily fit into any neighborhood and you will likely love for a long time. While color trends change you can count on Web Gray to stay in style for years to come. However, make sure to do a test strip on your own home because this shade tends to look lighter in the sun.

2. Naval 6244 / Sherwin Williams

If you looking for one of the most popular colors right now look no farther its navy blue! Sherwin Williams color of the year 2020 is Naval 6244 bring a sense of calmness to your home while also giving it a pop of color. This color is dark enough to provide a feeling of coolness while also adding much needed color your home has been looking for. Personally I just used this on a home near the river and it brings that feeling of water and calm into your home.

3. White Duck 7010 / Sherwin Williams

White is another timeless color you wont get sick of. This particular shade is cream enough to not be blinding to the eye in the sunshine. White gives you endless opportunities to use and try accents colors so you'll never get bored of your exterior. Try mixing it up by painting your trim a new color or use White Duck as your trim color and pair it with another!

4. Green Black 6994 / Sherwin Williams

This Green Black by Sherwin Williams incorporates just a shade of green into its dark color to add a pop of color in the sunlight! This earthy shade is the perfect color to add that extra touch to your homes exterior.

Send us your favorite exterior home color right now or your own homes exterior color we would love to see your finished project!

From my home to yours,

Christina Lynn

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